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Ossuaries, cineraries and prefabricated burial cells

Light prefabrication for cemetery sector

Matthews International S.p.A. develops, produce and sell steel or fiberglass/aluminium modular prefabricated structures which allow to make cemetery enlargements even with complicated situations.

Our Offer

Matthews International S.p.A. is at disposal for evaluating structures’ realization with a proposed detailed project. We offer our international experience and our group strength to give you a complete and flexible service, targeted to anyone who need this kind of project, thanks to a turnkey service from the project to the after-sell assistance.


Our strenghts

  • Ideal solutions for any cemetery area;
  • On-site evaluations and workability analysis;
  • Preliminary technical planning and realization;
  • Low enviromental impact.

Our structures’ advantages

  • Cemetery enlargement development also in complicated situations, where it would not be possible to open a traditional construction site;
  • Fast installation;
  • Opening construction site assistance, with a reduced trouble for the visitors;
  • Restrained maintenance spending;
  • Light weight and structure strenght allow to be pisitioned on exsiting lofts;
  • Innovative Architecture;
  • High quality materials.
  • aluminium tombstones structure
  • aluminium tombstones structure

Tombstones, family graves

Our prefabricated tombstones, made by steel and fiberglass/aluminium, can be composed by:

  • a supporting structure made by pillars and hot galvanized steel/aluminium shalls, complete with plates at the bottom for setting and fixing;
  • the quarterdeck, made by aluminium panels joined by continuous welding or in single-piece fibreglass one. They are perfectly tightness tested, making tombstone wholly rainproof;
  • possibility of installation for lamp setting up;
  • covering for marble, granite and other stones artefacts.

Ossuaries and cineraries

Our ossuaries and cineraries are composed by:

  • a supporting structure made by aluminium or fiberglass shell panels and hall, complete with adjustable supports;
  • interlocking die-cast aluminium joints;
  • possibility of installation for lamp setting up;
  • covering for marble, granite and other stones artefacts.
  • prefabricated tombstones
  • prefabricated ossuaries

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